Call your legislator TODAY at 888-412-6570

Now more than ever we need you to take action to protect public employee pensions.

Legislators will be back in Springfield beginning Tuesday, and there is talk that there will be a vote on legislation that puts public employees’ retirement security on the chopping block.

We need to keep the pressure on!  We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines.

Take action now!  Here’s what you can do:

1) Let’s double the number of calls to legislators.
The easiest way to have your voice heard is to pick up the phone! Call your lawmakers now and tell them to protect public employee pensions. Use the button on this page or dial 888-412-6570 to be connected directly.

2) Change your Facebook status
Update your Facebook status to encourage your friends and family members to get involved. You can just copy and paste this as your status:

Illinois politicians are putting public employee pensions at risk! Please call your lawmakers and tell them to oppose any cuts to pensions this Veto Session. Get connected at 888-412-6570

3) Ask your friends and family to join our Coalition
Just click here to send this message to 5 friends and family members. Ask them to get involved by calling their legislators in support of public employee retirement security.

Let's keep the momentum going!

Thank you for all your hard work.