Coalition Renews Call for Summit, Comments on Outgoing and Incoming General Assembly

The following statement can be attributed to the We Are One Illinois coalition:

"On the first day of the new General Assembly, our union coalition is renewing its call for a summit with lawmakers.

We encourage returning and newly elected legislators to abandon the pension schemes which dominated the last General Assembly. Those ill-advised plans were unfair and unconstitutional, and thus never received enough support to become law. Simply put, they failed in the legislature and, worse yet, failed the people of Illinois.

The lame-duck session made it clear once again: Legally dubious proposals developed without working with those most directly affected--public employees and retirees--are a recipe for failure.

Today marks a welcome fresh start. Illinois lawmakers now have a second chance to work with our coalition to produce a thoughtful, reasonable, and legal solution to the state's fiscal problems.

Although public employees did not cause Illinois' pension funding dilemma, they are problem solvers by trade and willing to do their part to fix it. Accordingly, we will continue to work diligently to organize a summit with legislators as the 98th General Assembly begins its work."