Coalition Responds to Corporate Push for More Tax Breaks

On October 22, 2013, the House Revenue Committee received testimony from corporate higher-ups who want special tax breaks for their large, profitable companies that take in billions in revenue. The We Are One Illinois union coalition responded with the following statement: 

“Big corporations and their lobbyists lining up for special deals in Springfield are out of touch with reality. Illinois is already struggling to pay its bills and invest in core public services.

“It is particularly outrageous that some of the same CEOs who seek taxpayer handouts are also leading the charge to strip teachers, police, and other public employees and retirees of the modest pensions they paid for and earned.

“Rather than breaking promises to middle-class public servants to pay for new corporate tax breaks, lawmakers should close wasteful, inefficient corporate loopholes and pay the state’s bills instead.”

Prior to this, on October 4, 2013, Governor Pat Quinn pledged to veto a tax break for the large agribusiness corporation Archer Daniels Midland until "pension reform" was enacted by the legislature. In doing so, he seemed to indicate an openness to transforming pension reform "savings" -- taken from the pockets of public employees and retirees -- into corporate welfare. The coalition responded with the following statement:

“Governor Pat Quinn's position on the attempt by one of our state's most profitable corporations to get a handout from Illinois taxpayers is baffling, troubling, and wrong.

"The governor would take the life savings of teachers, police, and other public employees and retirees, only to turn that money later into corporate welfare. That's a win for one big corporation but a devastating loss for hundreds of thousands of middle-class families across Illinois, not to mention another blow to the state's fiscal condition.

"Illinois' corporate elite push for unfair, illegal cuts to modest pensions promised to public employees and retirees, yet have no problem asking for handouts to pad their own bottom lines and pay huge bonuses to CEOs. Our coalition stands firmly in favor of closing wasteful tax loopholes to get our state back on the right fiscal track.”

Learn more about wasteful corporate tax loopholes by reading the "Big Biz, Big Breaks" web post series on the website of our coalition affiliate, AFSCME Council 31.