Oppose the Leaders' Extreme Pension Scheme!

The Illinois legislature narrowly passed Senate Bill 1 -- an extreme, pension-cutting proposal -- on December 3. You can view how your lawmakers voted here. Our coalition has analyzed SB 1 and produced fact sheets that explain why we oppose this destructive bill. It's virtually the same as the old version of SB 1 that failed in the spring.

We've also developed a spreadsheet for your use in evaluating how deeply your COLA would be cut if SB 1 becomes law. Click here to use this tool.

We Are One IL - Fact Sheet on Leaders' Plan

We Are One IL - Fact Sheet Comparing SB 1 to Leaders' Plan

You can view the summary that legislative leaders provided to the media and their members below. Please note that this is not a product of the We Are One Illinois union coalition, but of legislative staff:

Pension Summary of Leaders' Plan Written by Legislative Staff