Pension-cutting bill could resurface Aug. 17

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan has informed our union coalition that he is considering calling HB 1447 on August 17. This bill would gut the provision allowing retirees on fixed incomes to keep up with rising costs. It would burden retirees with the overwhelming share of the state’s pension debt, punishing middle-class public servants for the sins of politicians. It would impact all participants in the State Employees Retirement System (SERS), including those under the Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Comptroller and Attorney General.

We have no certain knowledge of the Speaker's intent. We reiterated to him our willingness to work with the legislative leaders to develop a fair pension solution. We will ask legislators to support such a collaborative process, not this unfair and unconstitutional bill.

Call your state representative now. Dial 888-412-6570 or use our Click-to-Call tool. Tell your representative to oppose the pension-slashing HB1447, and to work with our union coalition to develop a fair pension funding solution instead.