Tell the Chamber: Scott Walker isn't welcome in Illinois

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce invited union-busting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to speak in Springfield on Tuesday, April 17. The Chamber's top priority is slashing the modest pensions earned by teachers, police, caregivers and other public-service workers, and Walker is their role model.

Illinois rejects Scott Walker's extreme attack on the rights of working people in his state. Click here to send a message to the Chamber and tell them to cancel Walker's speaking invitation.

Together we'll urge the Chamber to fix their mistake and leave Scott Walker's extreme agenda and failed record at home in Wisconsin where it belongs. If they don't, we'll be ready to un-welcome Walker in Springfield on April 17.

Click here to quickly and easily send your message to the Illinois Chamber of Commerce now.

Then make plans to join us outside the Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Springfield on Tuesday, April 17, at 9 a.m. Click here for a flyer with complete details (PDF).